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John L. Fitzpatrick Scholarship

The Chicopee Council of PTO's has sponsored the John L. Fitzpatrick Scholarship by awarding students from each of the three High Schools (Chicopee Comprehensive, Chicopee High, Chicopee Academy) scholarships depending on the amount of money available in the scholarship fund. This is accomplished through school and memorial donations.

    2018 John L. Fitzpatrick Scholarship Winners:

Chicopee Academy at Selser- Nalaysha Dykes

Chicopee High School- Ryan McDonough, Gianna Zamboni, Hailey Mayotte

Chicopee Comp. High School- Magen Lindsey, Caroline Klaus, Chelsea Crochiere, Sara Authier, Brittney Brzoska, Alexandria Rousseau


Applications for this scholarship are available each January by the link below or through the guidance counselors at the three High Schools. The recipients will receive their scholarship at the CCPTO Annual Banquet.

JL Fitzpatrick Application 2018.pdf