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Merit Award and Civic Award

We regret that due to the coronavirus situation we were unable to host our annual awards banquet. We recognize that ALL educators and ALL parents/ families deserve to be honored at this time for their outstanding dedication to our Chicopee Public School students and school community!


 Merit Awards Eligibility Requirements



The CCPTO Merit Award has been made possible to recognize PTO Members from each paid member school for their loyal, faithful and unselfish efforts to promote the ideals of PTO. The CCPTO presents to each CCPTO member school no more than 4 MERIT AWARDS to deserving PTO members.

The person (No Businesses unless honorary paid member) chosen should have served at least one active year in their schools PTO and be recognized for their loyal, faithful and unselfish efforts to promote the ideals of that PTO. The present school PTO president should not be eligible to receive the award.

Schools vote at their March/April meetings to submit names to CCPTO for recipients to receive their awards at the CCPTO Annual Banquet in May. Schools usually pay dinner cost for award winners and a for a few PTO member representatives. 


Civic Award   Eligibility Requirements

The CCPTO Civic Award winner extends themselves among schools and the community. As the CCPTO is working together with the schools and community, they will present no more than 4 Civic Awards to persons who have been active at least three years on the CCPTO; and to persons and/or businesses in the community who have supported the PTO ideals across the district.


  1. Recognition of any Business must be submitted prior to March  CCPTO meeting for consideration for a Civic Award .

2019 Civic Award winners: Girls on the Run, Girls Inc., and Laura Demakis-president of CEA 

2018 Civic Award winners: Paula Lamarre (CCPTO advisory), Chicopee TV, Chicopee Crossing Guards

Coming soon- click here for a full list of past merit and civic award winners!!!