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Minutes & Treasurer Reports 


President: Sharon Jacobson-Deragon Vice President: Stephanie Castro

Secretary: TBD Advisory: Paula Lamarre Treasurer: Tina Russo


The first meeting of the Chicopee Council (City-wide) PTO for this 2018-2019 school year will be on

Tuesday, October 30th 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in the Dupont Middle School cafeteria.

CCPTO meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of each month, excepting Dec 10 and June 10.

Please have a representative from your school attend and share information with members.

Scheduled to join us is David Schryver, Ward 8 School Committeeman,

and Laura Demakis, CEA President

We would love to keep the momentum in promoting PTO/school/staff/family/community awareness and involvement, and explore other communities who support and supplement their school districts.

Did you know… that in 1957 the total paid membership of all Chicopee PTO’s was over 5,000 members!!

Open Houses, membership drives, and first PTO meetings have been held at most schools.

Don’t forget to check out the new website and update PTO pages with your school web administrators. Facebook, newsletters, calendars, fliers, announcements, PTO email updates, and word of mouth are also great ways to communicate and keep people involved.

Make sure all volunteers get CORI checks done ASAP.

If you do not have a representative, please ask if a member would act as Title I Family liaison;

or as a CCPTO liaison at our meetings. CCPTO secretary position is open for nominations. Scholarship applications for Chicopee High schools to be available in January.

May 21?, 2019 is a tentative date for CCPTO annual May banquet.

Banquet/scholarship committees will form in anticipation of Civic & Merit Awards

for faithful support of our school community.

Reminder: All PTO’s keep a copy of their Tax-exempt EIN# with PTO records and school records.

GGAaccountants in Chicopee will provide PTO guidance to submit postcards required for tax filing.

The second KINDERGARTEN FAIR at the CHICOPEE PUBLIC LIBRARY was Tuesday, August 14

We were very happy to provide information and friendly faces for our incoming Kindergarten class!

CCPTO has committed to working with the ChicopeeFRESH team to support sustainable farm-to-school activities in all elementary schools in the district, and Dupont Middle School. Visit

Chicopee High School PTSO Open Homework/ study help nights are held at the Chicopee Public Library on Mon. and Wed. evenings from 6-7:30. Next tutoring dates: Nov. 5/7, 12/14, 26/28, Dec. 3/5, 10/12, 17/19. Contact Cynthia Kele at CHS for more info. or [email protected]

PAC Special Ed Parent Advisory Council meetings: Tuesdays 6:30: Oct 2, Nov 13, Jan 15, Mar 12, May 14

CCPTO next meeting November 27.

Visit us through the Chicopee Public schools website under

Resources/ District PTO; or directly at .

Any questions, suggestions, or need assistance contact us at [email protected]

Every paid member of a paid school PTO is a valuable member of the city-wide PTO.

CCPTO c/o Dupont Middle School, 650 Front St, Chicopee, MA 01013; interschool mail to Sharon Deragon, Litwin School


February 2016

President: Vice President:

Paula Lamarre (Bellamy/FVMES) Frank Fortini (FVMES)

Secretary: Jen Poutre (Lambert-Lavoie)

 Treasurer: Tina Russo (Bellamy)

Dear PTO Member,

The next meeting of the Chicopee City-wide PTO (CCPTO) will take place on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the Fairview Elementary School Library.   Mrs. Joanne Lennon of the Chicopee Schools Food Service Dept. will be our guest speaker.

SAVE THE DATE:  The CCPTO Merit Awards/Scholarship Banquet will be held on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at the Castle of the Knights, Memorial Drive, Chicopee.

Just a reminder:   

*Nominations for the CCPTO Civic Awards are underway.  Voting will take place at the March CCPTO meeting.  Please bring any suggestions for a deserving person or group from the community, who should be considered for this award, to our next meeting.

*Nominations for Unit PTO Merit awards take place in March.  Voting should be done at your April meeting.

*As in the past, each PTO is asked to support the John L. Fitzpatrick scholarship fund by way of a $250.00 donation (made payable to the scholarship fund).   If your PTO has not yet sent your donation, please do so by the Feb. meeting.  Thank you to the PTOs who have already sent in their donation.  Also, $50.00 CCPTO dues are now due.

Thank you to the PTO representatives who attended our January meeting.   If you have any questions, you may contact me at [email protected].  I hope you, and members of your PTO, will be able to join us, at our next meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.


Paula Lamarre

CCPTO President  

P.S.  You can now access the CCPTO on-line!  Go to the Chicopee Public Schools website (, click on “Family & School Resources”, and then click “Chicopee Citywide PTO (CCPTO)”!  Or you can go directly to  ☺

CCPTO meeting dates, meeting minutes, and applications for the John L. Fitzpatrick Scholarship can be found on our page.  Check it out!

CCPTO Meeting Minutes January 5, 2016

 Meeting was called into session at 6:07. Paula Lamarre recapped the events of the last meeting.

Resource Officer Johnny Jusino from Chicopee High School was the speaker and is available to answer any questions and concerns.

As a reminder CCPTO dues are $50 per year and are currently due. There is only one school that has paid as of 1/15

The $250 J L Fitzpatrick s Scholarship fund donations are also due. Notices were sent out to the schools on Monday, January 4.

 New Business:

The CCPTO explained the District is currently transitioning into the portal. Parents will be able to access them as of January 13. Parents will be receiving an email from the district with their login and password.

Applications for the JL Fitzpatrick's Scholarship are due April 15. The scholarship committee consists of : Tina Russo, Stephanie Castro, William Blackley, Sharon Jacobson-Deragon, Maria Santiago and Frank Fortini. The committee will meet on April 26 at 6 PM to review Applications. Graduating seniors from the 3 Chicopee Public High Schools who have attended four years in the Chicopee public school systems between K and 8 may apply for the scholarship.

The banquet is scheduled for May 24 at the Knights of Columbus on Memorial drive.

Upcoming important dates:

 School PTOs in March should be nominating their Merit Award winners and compiling a list of Civic Award nominees.

 PTO schools at their April meeting should be voting for their Merit Award recipients

April 29th Merit Award names should be submitted to the CCPTO.

May 5 the PTO should submit a list of school and PTO attendees and as well as Merit Award winners and their guests.

The following items were approved for the banquet the CCPTO will continue to have the table signs and favors produced by Jen Niazankowicz. The flowers will continued to be purchased from A Cut Above Florist and we will continue with the 50-50 raffle.

Ms. Lennon from the School District Food Service Department will be the guest speaker at the next meeting slated for 2/1/16at Fairview Memorial Elementary School at 6PM.

The meeting adjourned at 7:01 PM

President: Paula Lamarre (Bowie/Selser)        Vice President: Frank Fortini (Selser)      

 Secretary: Jennifer Poutre (Lambert Lavoie)       Treasurer: Tina Russo (Fairview/Lambert Lavoie)

CCPTO Meeting Minutes

January 20,2015

Come to order at 6:30 pm

Thomas Kielbania from Chicopee Kielbasa Festival was our guest speaker

Last year the K-Fest did not have a lot of time to prepare, Big Y sold a limited number of tickets for $6 ($1 to Red Cross and $5 to K-Fest) and Gate cost was $10, Senior over 60 were $3 and military was free. The cost of last year’s festival was $197,000.

This year he would like to have the schools to sell the tickets for $6 but the school gets to keep $3 for each ticket but kids under 13 are free.  There would be Ride passes for sale of $15 but the school keeps $5 for each of these passes. The tickets will be on sale in April. The festival will be held Memorial Day Weekend May 21-25, 2015. Tom will come back to CCPTO, hopefully in February, once he has written a letter with the details and had it approved by the Superintendent. 

Reminder to get your CCPTO dues in as soon as possible ($50) and scholarship donation of $250 so the scholarship committee can start to plan this event.

The Merit/Scholarship banquet 

It will be held at the Knights of Columbus on Memorial Drive, Chicopee, on May 19, 2015 so please save that date. It is the 40th anniversary 

CCPTO will need the Civic award nominees no later the March 17, 2015

Merit winners need to be sent or emailed as soon as possible but no later then May 8, 2015

Banquet attendees and money is do no later then May 8, 2015 to ensure CCPTO has time to order all required materials and give the hall the proper numbers for seating and food. CCPTO must have final counts in to Knights May 11, 2015

Rick Roque and his wife sent Vivian Pappas an email stating he had made a deposit of $250 for the scholarship fund

Vivian also received letters from Joseph Roque with $500 and Stephanie Roque with $25 to the John Fitzpatrick Scholarship Fund, as a family they decided to put in money instead of giving one another gifts.

CCPTO officer meeting that was scheduled for December was cancelled due to president’s illness. Officer meeting was held prior to this meeting. 

Jen Poute was unable to attend and bring an official secretary’s report- November 2014 was the last meeting.

No treasure’s written report was available but the scholarship account is at $163 and the main account is at $2077. No checks have been deposited over the past few months due to the change in treasure and paperwork needs.

No official letter had gone out about this meeting but CCPTO is always held the 3rd Tuesday, excluding vacation or holidays, 6:30pm but CCPTO was looking into changing it to 6:00pm. 

Open discussion brought up the feeder school changes when Fairview Middle moves to the old High School. It is not a redistricting. All information can be found on Chicopee School’s main website.

Joanne from food services will be at our next meeting as our guest speaker on February 24, 2015 (the 3rd week is vacation week)

If anyone has any suggestions for guest speakers please let us know

Meeting was abjured at 7:33pm

Notes taken then submitted to Paula Lamarre by Tina Russo 

CCPTO Minutes

November18, 2014 


1.) The meeting was called to order by President Paula Lamarre at 6:35PM.

2.) Newly elected officers introduced.

3.) Treasurers Report submitted for review. Motion to accept was made by Tina Russo/seconded by Frank Fortini. All in favor-motioned passed.

4.) Secretary’s Report submitted for review. Motion to accept was made by Carolyn Allard /seconded by Vivian Pappas. All in favor-motioned passed.

5.) Also of note, an award winner from last year failed to meet the established requirements. The funds from his award will be returned to the Scholarship account.


Chicopee Kielbasa Festival

Guest speaker Tom Kalbania was unable to attend. Following are the comments from the conversation Paula Lamarre had with Rachael Kaplin who is the official liaison for the K-Fest.

The event will run Memorial Day Weekend May 21-25.

There will be no booths this year for individual PTO’s.

Possible fundraiser: Schools sell tickets to the event and receive a % of the proceeds. Also possible to sell wrist bands for rides.

Mr Kalbania may attend the next meeting in January 2015.

Refer questions to Rachel Kaplin 413-519-9775.

Reminder to each PTO:

CCPTO dues in the amount of $50 are due 1/20/15.

John L. Fitzpatrick Fund Dues in the amount of $250 are also due 1/20/15.


J L Fitzpatrick Scholarship Fund

Due the ever changing school calendar, the JL Fitzpatrick Scholarship Applications are due Wednesday April 15th, 2015.

Timeline of due dates:

December 15th: Email PDF files to Chicopee High, Chicopee and Chicopee Academy.

January 2015: place notice on Channel 191.

Email elementary school principles and ask them to announce the applications availability and/or place notice in their newsletter.

April 15, 2015: Applications Due.

CCPTO Banquet 40th Anniversary

May 19th 2015

K of C Hall is confirmed. Frank will confirm pricing.

$25 per person is anticipated cost per person.

6-7 Cocktail Hour

7-8 Dinner

8-9 Awards

We will possibly invite past CCPTO Presidents to the event.

We will address this again at the January meeting with possible themes.

Possible future guest speakers

Mr Rege Mrs Lennon

Resource Officers     Police Chief


PTO member speaking as a parent provided information to the CCPTO regarding the current teachers negotiations with the city. ( Copy of information is on file and will be provided upon request.) 

Meeting adjourned 7:50 PM

submitted by j. Poutre